If I were to create a love story that was an amalgam of everything I’ve ever wanted in a relationship, it still wouldn’t do him justice. 💙

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    White Coral has made this carved skull just a little bit creepy!

    I don’t think you understand. That is not white coral. That is dead coral. Actually, it is the remaining bone structure of a colony of dead corals. To sum up, it is a human skull carved out of the skeletal remains of hundreds of deceased little beings. “A little bit creepy” doesn’t cover it.

    Yep it’s called coral bleaching. Something like 70% (I forget the exact number) in the Caribbean has deceased and it is happening all over the world. With water temp rising and many other factors such as sunscreen being the cause. If the coral dies off it will become a domino effect. The parrot fish is a fish that feeds mainly on coral. When the parrot fish eats the coral they expel it as sand which helps create the sand beaches of the Caribbean. No coral = no parrot fish crap = no beach.